Internet Never Forgets

Many of the fellas on the Rutgers team have been biting tongues about the new ECCC blogging craze. It’s great to read the exploits of fellow racers.  It’s not so great to see the multitude of unqualified writer-riders jump at the chance to preach to an audience.  Blogging is not for everybody, especially if “everybody” is too lazy to attempt a minimal level of grammatical proficiency, post interestingosity, and smack-talk-backupability.  Like the blogosphere twitterverse writ large, 8.5 out of 10 of these new fangled blogs will end up un-updated, viewerless piles of entropy by next year.

Our good friend NTW has put up a beautiful little post about the repercussions of this reckless blogging craze.  He explains the problem well, particularly the part where he says,

There’s a lesson in here for all you bloggers, especially those of the cycling variety: Don’t blog everything you think, especially if what you think could be construed as offensive by everyone.

…or else you just might find that some intrepid lad has saved your idiocy for the whole world to see.

~ by wcuk on March 12, 2009.

One Response to “Internet Never Forgets”

  1. counterpoint: if what you write is so awful, so offensive to sensibility, so deeply bad that it transcends crap and becomes comic gold… then by all means, keep writing. post, and post often, and damn the torpedoes.

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