How to get 3 simple chin sutures removed: Modern US Healthcare Style

  1. Call doc office.  Be told that next available appt. is two weeks away. By this time, stitches will have healed into the skin.
  2. Go to walk-in hours at the doctors office.
  3. Get told that removing stitches cannot be done at a walk-in appointment (What can? Band-Aid application?)
  4. Get nurses and receptionists to pity you…make appointment for later in the day.
  5. Come back for appt.
  6. Wait 1.5 hours in exam room, alone.
  7. See doctor with med student.
  8. Have med student and doc perform 2 minute procedure.
  9. IMPORTANT STEP: do not sterilize the area or sutures prior to removal.
  10. Leave without the last 4 hours of your life.

Next time, should there be a next time, Aaron will be performing the procedure in 5 minutes (total) at home.

~ by wcuk on April 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “How to get 3 simple chin sutures removed: Modern US Healthcare Style”

  1. please film the procedure, should there be a next time. it sounds like the most boring, but also most potetially damaging, Fights With Aaron yet!

  2. Dude, next time, go to the student health center! They take care of all my suture removal (and it’s been a lot this year) and they have same day appointments usually!

  3. I apologize for the atrocity that occurred, that is kinda sad that they didn’t wipe it with a little alcohol. I mean i know where they are coming from, since it really doesn’t make a difference, but still. It a least cleans off some of the shit that makes it more difficult to remove the suture.

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