We got told

I loves me a good YouTube comment, even if it cuts as deep as this one. Ne’er a more poignant social critique hath been uttered.

fluffyxoxo has made a comment on Oh, Hey Aaron:

wooww! this vedio is pointless like what the hell.. if you guys are trying to be funny you guys arnt but nice try++++ that punch was sso gay and fake.

For shame. It’s the crushing weight of critiques like this that forced Aaron and I into early retirement.


~ by wcuk on June 25, 2009.

4 Responses to “We got told”

  1. Wow, even if the review has a negative tone, your “vedio” still got a four + rating! Congrats guys!

  2. i wouldn’t take that shit from someone named “fluffy hugs and kisses.” You would think by 24 years of age, he/she would have had the retardedness beaten out of them for writing comments like that.

  3. You can’t retire yet!

  4. revive the videos!!!! hire michael bay and make a multimillion dollar blockbuster. make your bike a transformer!

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