RT @Internet LoL! This blog post is so on topic. #wcuk #not_funny

Public Service Announcement

From the desk of wcuk:

It is no longer funny, original, or constructive to make fun of twitter.  You are not entertaining when you playfully jest about tweets, twits, tweeting or any variation thereof.  It was dead when Conan O’Brien did it, it was dead 2 years before he did it, it remains dead indefinately.  There was a time when this joke was funny, just like there was a time when cargo pants roamed the earth with dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs had a good run of things.  They knew when to call it quits.  Cargo pants got the memo.  When will your johnny-come-late internet jokes follow suit?  I suspect not before you are the bell of every pool party this summer with your Seinfeldesque, “What’s the deal with these twits always tweeting about what they eat for dinner every night?!” jokes. You’ll be the last comic standing in Aunt Flo’s eyes.

Guess what? Aunt Flo dials in to AOL. Straight 28.8 kbs 3200 baud.

If you need a hot new joke to fill the void, may I suggest taking the meta road? Soon it will be all the rage to hate on twitter haters.  A new genre of humor will grow organically from this.  It will be cool to hate on the people that hate on the twitter haters.

If you hurry, you can still claim some of that land for your own.


~ by wcuk on July 10, 2009.

One Response to “RT @Internet LoL! This blog post is so on topic. #wcuk #not_funny”

  1. The only reason you posted this is because you just signed up for a twitter account.

    Stupid twit.

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