Asinine Asininity

I just want to go on the record as the first to predict a hit pop song from a duet between Kanye and Taylor Swift.  It will probably be out before 2010.

I would wager a not-small sum of money on it.

If pushed for details, I predict it will be a predominately country motif with spoken monologues from Kanye, part of which will be an apology wrapped in some vague message about being positive.

It will be a widely accepted as a “good guy” move from Kanye and Taylor will be praised for her range and ability to incorporate “hip-hop” themes.

There is a 65% chance of autotune.

I will be gagging.

You heard it here first.


~ by wcuk on September 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “Asinine Asininity”

  1. T-Swizzle already has a duet with T-Pain.

  2. I’m with you untill “65% chance of autotune.” Thankfully, JayZ’s merciful homicide of autotune, “D.O.A.”, prevents its use, even in the inevitable asinine asininity described above.

  3. Also good odds on T-Swift ft. Beyonce in “An Even Better Video of All Time”

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